Reliable multimeter from Aktakom – AMM-1022

Reliable multimeter from Aktakom – AMM-1022


Aktakom AMM-1022 digital multimeter is a reliable and low-cost measuring instrument used for typical measurements. This model is equipped with a large LCD (1999 digits) displaying large figures and symbols for easy reading.

Other features of the model are as follows:

  • When measuring DC and AC voltage the input impedance is 1MΩ.
  • When measuring AC voltage the operating frequency is 40 to 400 Hz
  • Data hold function
  • hFEmeasurement: from 0 to 1000
  • Full overload protection at all ranges
  • Automatic indication of polarity
  • Low battery indication
  • Protection categories: CAT III 600V; CAT II 1000V

The web page of Aktakom AMM-1022 multimeter contains the detailed specifications, accuracy tables, as well as the additional pictures.

We hope that you will find very useful the instructions for some measurements according to the below list:

  • Temperature measurement
  • Transistor measurement
  • Voltage measurement
  • Continuity test
  • Resistance measurement
  • Diode test

This information is given in a very detail in “Application” tab.

More information is given here, on Aktakom AMM-1022 page.

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