New Aktakom soldering stations are available from stock already

New Aktakom soldering stations are available from stock already


Recently we presented new models of Aktakom soldering stations. Herewith we’d like to inform that new ASE-1105 and ASE-1106 models are available from stock today already!

Besides high quality and characteristics, which we are going to describe below, the very attractive thing you will find about them is their cost effective price. ASE-1106 costs $39.00. ASE-1105 model is $29.00 only! That would be the best solution for schools, colleges and other educational institutions.

And here are specifications for these models:

Model ASE-1105 ASE-1106
Power consumption 60 W
Output voltage 24V
Temperature range 392 to 896°F / 200 to 480°C
ESD-safe Yes
Indication Scales LED display
Dimensions 6.1x4.5x3.6 in / 155x113x92 mm
Weight 3.7 lb / 1.58 kg 3.7 lb / 1.68 kg

Among other features:

  • High-quality heating element that can be easily replaced
  • Temperature can be easily adjusted with a rotary switch
  • Very light-weighted handle of the soldering iron.

More details can be check on pages of Aktakom ESD-safe ASE-1105 and ASE-1106 soldering stations.

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