Tektronix Aims to Put Oscilloscopes in Every University Teaching Lab

Tektronix Aims to Put Oscilloscopes in Every University Teaching Lab


Tektronix, Inc., the world’s leading manufacturer of oscilloscopes, announced the TDS1000C-EDU Digital Oscilloscope Series designed for first-time oscilloscope users and students. Packed with features and built-in tools, the new model is easy to learn and operate and very affordable. It also includes an Education Resource CD to help students master the use of an oscilloscope.

Quite low start prices for the TDS1000C-EDU means that educators can now afford to train their students on a very important tool – the oscilloscope – using scopes that match what the students will likely use when they start work. Not only are oscilloscopes the top hardware tool used by embedded designers per the 2010 EE Times Group Embedded Market Study, but eight out of 10 electronics engineers currently use Tektronix oscilloscopes.

“It almost goes without saying that for students to learn about the use of an oscilloscope, they actually have to use an oscilloscope themselves – it’s not enough to read the manual or watch someone else use it,” said Mike Flaherty, general manager Bench Instruments, Tektronix. “That’s why we’re so excited about the TDS1000C-EDU because it puts the world’s standard for oscilloscopes within reach of high school and university students around the world.”

Performance and Usability

Based on Tektronix’ most popular oscilloscope platform used every day by engineers around the world, the TDS1000C-EDU series include 40-, 60- and 100 MHz models all designed for the unique needs of education.

The new scopes provide digital real-time sampling on all channels, allowing students to accurately characterize a wide range of signal types on all channels simultaneously. Flexible triggering options such as edge trigger, pulse width trigger and line selectable triggering let students quickly capture desired waveforms. From an analysis perspective, the new series delivers extensive capabilities including standard FFT, waveform math (+, -, x), screen cursors and 16 automated measurements. To make the instruments simple to learn and easy to operate, they feature an intuitive front panel with dedicated controls and USB connectivity, built-in help menus, an autoset function for easily setting up the oscilloscope (which can be disabled by the instructor), an automated probe check wizard and multiple language support.

The included Education Resource CD provides critical tools to help students master the use of an oscilloscope, including two labs and instructor’s guides, and two primers. The Introduction to Oscilloscopes Student Lab and Instructor’s Guide explains the basics of oscilloscope operation complete with hands-on exercises for students. The Introduction to Oscilloscope Probes Student Lab and Instructor’s Guide explains the fundamentals of probing and how probes can affect measurement quality. The two Primers included are Tektronix’ most popular and widely-used: the XYZs of Oscilloscopes and ABCs of Probes. Collectively, they give educators important tools for simplifying the integration of the TDS1000C-EDU Series into their existing curriculum.

Every TDS1000C-EDU model ships with a general-purpose passive probe for each analog channel, and a 3-year warranty.

Tektronix, www.tektronix.com.

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