NI Opens Electronics Lab at TechShop Chandler

NI Opens Electronics Lab at TechShop Chandler


TechShop, a DIY workshop and fabrication studio with locations around the US, celebrated its one-year anniversary this weekend in the Chandler Innovation Center at Arizona State University (ASU). As part of the celebration, we unveiled our third NI Electronics Lab (following lab openings in Round Rock and San Francisco earlier this year)that includes LabVIEW system design software as well as myRIO, myDAQ, and VirtualBench hardware.

“This lab demonstrates NI’s commitment to give students more opportunities to learn by doing,” said Ray Almgren, vice president of corporate marketing at NI. “We’re proud to work with TechShop and ASU to put industry-grade technology in students’ hands.”

All full-time ASU students receive free TechShop membership and equipment training, helping them develop measurable and practical problem-solving skills. In the year since its inception, TechShop Chandler has seen many exciting projects from local makers and student members, which range from modified wheelchairs for military veterans to whale-shaped iPhone chargers.

“Education systems around the world need to shift focus from one-way lectures and rote memorization to collaborative, creative problem-solving environments,” said Ray Hsu, academic program manager at NI. “Skills learned in the classroom paired with platforms that scale to industry prepare students to solve the grand challenges of tomorrow.”

We’re proud to support students, entrepreneurs, and makers with access to state-of-the-art equipment, software, and training and look forward to what we believe will be a more innovative, maker-driven future.

Learn more about the partnership between NI, ASU, and TechShop.

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