NI Announces Software-Defined Battery Lab Solution to Accelerate Battery Validation

NI Announces Software-Defined Battery Lab Solution to Accelerate Battery Validation


NI, formerly known as National Instruments, announced the launch of its Software-Defined Battery Lab solution. Designed for electric vehicle battery validation labs, the new offering marks a critical milestone in NI’s comprehensive testing capabilities covering the entire, sustainable battery lifecycle from research and development to validation, production, second-life, and remanufacturing.

The Software-Defined Battery Lab is the industry’s first battery test solution that supports EV manufacturers and battery suppliers in tackling the pressing challenges of time-to-market, cost, and battery performance through an open and flexible approach. Through software, the solution allows battery validation and data management and analysis of battery data, while being open and flexible to scale for global validation testing and adapt to the ever-evolving innovations in battery technologies.

The Software-Defined Battery Lab draws parallels from the concept of Software-Defined Vehicles, which is revolutionizing how engineering teams bring vehicles to market and continuously improve their performance. As battery technologies evolve and scale, companies can accelerate test system development, maximize reuse of battery testing investments, and connect battery data to improve performance through changes to software.

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