NI Extends PXI Leadership With New Chassis That Improves System Uptime

NI Extends PXI Leadership With New Chassis That Improves System Uptime


The NI PXIe-1066DC chassis builds on PXI’s superior system lifetime and flexibility, making it ideal for deployed, mission-critical applications.

With the new chassis, NI is adding redundant, hot-swap and front-access capabilities to its PXI platform portfolio for significantly increased system uptime.

National Instruments introduced the NI PXIe-1066DC 18-slot chassis, which adds high-availability features to the PXI Express platform to maximize system uptime. These features improve the system-levelmean time before failure (MTBF) and mean time to repair (MTTR) of PXI systems in many demanding, mission-critical test, measurement and control applications. The chassis adds critical component redundancy and remote monitoring to the uptime-focused capabilities of existing NI PXI instrumentation.

“The NI PXIe-1066DC chassis builds on the long-standing leadership of the PXI standard for mission-critical projects,” said Dr. Tom Bradicich, R&D fellow at National Instruments and former vice president of systems technology at IBM. “This new chassis illustrates NI’s continued commitment to superior reliability, availability, serviceability and manageability when system uptime is paramount.”

Product Features

  • Redundant hot-swappable DC power supplies and fans facilitate maximum system uptime
  • Front-accessible power supply and fan tray provide flexibility in position-restrictive applications
  • Ethernet port gives engineers remote in-band chassis health monitoring capabilities for advanced system management

Learn more about the NI PXIe-1066DC here.

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