Precision manual cutter with oval profile Tronex 5523

Precision manual cutter with oval profile Tronex 5523


Precision manual cutter Tronex 5523 is providing superior performance and comfort.

The type of cutter is absolutely flat cut. The tool's cutting edges have no slope and produce a cut without a wedge.

What is a completely flat cut?

The cutting edges are polished like a razor blade, allowing a smooth cut without leaving a nick or a wedge. In addition, the wiring is minimally damaged during cutting.

Therefore, Tronex 5523 general-purpose wire cutters with large oval head are particularly suitable for cutting cables and wire harnesses.

A clearly installed stopper screw built into the handles of the cutters is designed to prevent the cutting edges from automatically blunting after cutting. The installation screw can be adjusted when sharpening the cutters.

Made in the United States.

How it's made - Tronex unique cutter joint design

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