How it's made - Tronex unique cutter joint design

The heart of a cutter is its joint, the area that joins the two halves of a cutter. All Tronex cutter models, feature a unique construction that includes four design elements:

Bearing rings are machined into the bearing surface of each cutter body. The rings face each other as the two halves are brought together. In cutter operation, over perhaps hundreds of thousands of cycles, the two halves only bear and move against each other over the very limited area of the bearing rings. Thus the metal-to-metal contact is minimized. Also, since the mechanical load from cutting the work piece is resisted at a near maximum distance from the cutter centerline, relative joint movement, or play, is minimized.

Hardened nut of alloy steel & extended cross-sectional area anchors the joint against movement under the cutting load. Precision machining of the nut insures perfect alignment of the two cutting edges.

Allan head screw with fine-pitched threads allows for perfect joint adjustment during initial manufacture and during resharpening.

Delrin washer eliminates metal-to-metal wear under the shoulder of the nut and reduces friction during operation.

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