Hot Tweezers Tips Set

Hot Tweezers Tips Set


AKTAKOM ASE-1209 Soldering Tweezer (analog of 989ESD) is designed to be used with ASE-1107 soldering station for SMD component removal.


  1. ESD safe design.
  2. Twin-tube heating comes into contact with the components directly without affecting adjacent components.
  3. Especially suitable for rework on component-densely-mounted circuit board.
  4. Suitable for mounting on several types of soldering stations.
  5. Can remove flake resistor and condenser and SOP elements safely.
A full set of replaceable tweezer tips for ASE-1209 is now available in the accessories section of our website.
There are 12 types of tips varying by size and shape:

A1378 (2mm) spatula
A1380 (8mm) square
A1381 (10mm) square
A1382 (13mm) square
A1383 (18mm) square
A1384 (20mm) square
A1385 (25mm) square
A1388 (1.5mm) spatula
A1389 (0.25mm) Pin Point
A1390 (4mm) spatula
A1391 (6mm) spatula
A1392 ( 5mm) spatula

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