Programmable electronic load AKTAKOM ATH-8311 to emulate various load operation modes

Programmable electronic load AKTAKOM ATH-8311 to emulate various load operation modes


AKTAKOM ATH-8311 programmable electronic load is designed to emulate various load operation modes when researching and adjusting power supplies of wireless devices with up to 360 V supply voltage, up to 30A load current and 300W power consumption.

ATH -8311 electronic load is capable of emulating operation in various modes (current, voltage, power and resistance stabilization). High functionality together with PC remote control provide this electronic load with high efficiency when testing power supplies.

ATH-8311 programmable electronic load has the following features:

  • LCD with backlight;
  • Load operation modes: load current stabilization, resistance stabilization, power stabilization (limitation);
  • Discrete setting of input parameters (with the keyboard typing directly or in step-by-step mode);
  • Protection types: overvoltage, overcurrent, overload, overheat, wrong polarity;
  • Ability to set the keyboard password;
  • Auto calibration;
  • RS-232 (TTL) interface. Galvanic isolation of the interface inside of the device is not supported.


Output parameters
  • Load voltage: 0…360 V;
  • Load current: 0…30 A;
  • power consumption: 300 W.
Current stabilization
  • Setting range: 0.000…2.999 A / 3.00…30.00 A;
  • Setting inaccuracy: (0.2%+3 mA) / (0.2%+30 mA);
  • Setting discrecity: 1 mA / 10 mA.
Resistance stabilization
  • Setting range: 0.01…99.99 Ω/ 100…500 Ω;
  • Setting discrecity: 0.1 Ω / 0.01 Ω.
Power limitation
  • Setting range: 0…300 W;
  • Setting discrecity: 0.1 W.
  • Supply: 110 V/220 V;
  • Dimensions: 11.2 x 3.7 x 8.5 in / 285 x 95 x 215 mm;
  • Weight: 10 lb / 4,5 kg.

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