Special features of Aktakom ATK-1001 clamp meter

Special features of Aktakom ATK-1001 clamp meter


When diagnosing electronic equipment, various power supplies as well as measuring low currents with contactless method it’s not necessary to use a clamp meter with a large jaws. For such measurement tasks Aktakom clamp meter range has many clamp meter-multimeter models with a small diameter of coverage but at the same time high functionality like ATK-2001, ACM-2047 and ATK-1001.

ATK-1001 is designed to work only with alternating current and voltage, but it’s also capable of measuring alternating current from 10 μA with very good accuracy of 1% only. Covering the conductor with the clamp meter jaws you immediately get the results on the display.

Aktakom ATK-1001 is a perfect measuring tool for electricians and power engineers.

Technical specifications of ATK-1001:

  • AC measurement at 0...60 A range with 10 μA resolution
  • AC voltage measurement at 0...400 V range with 0.1 V resolution
  • Resistance measurement at 0...400 Ohm range with 0.1 Ohm resolution
  • Diameter of coverage: 1.2 in / 30 mm
  • 5 ranges when measuring AC (40 mA, 400 mA, 4 A, 40 A, 60 A)
  • Sound continuity test
  • 3¾ digit LCD
  • Frequency range: 40...1000 Hz
  • Graphical scale
  • "0" setting with a single button
  • Data hold function
  • Max./min. values hold
  • Relative measurement mode
  • Overload protection (up to 600 V) when measuring resistance
  • Power supply: 3 V (1.5 V batteries – 2 pcs)
  • Consumption current 10 mA

More details are available of page of Aktakom ATK-1001.

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