Aktakom AM-1038 – for those who need a reliable and low-cost multimeter

Aktakom AM-1038 – for those who need a reliable and low-cost multimeter


The accuracy of high-end AM-1038 multimeter is 0.03%! It is designed to measure AC/DC, voltage, resistance, capacity, frequency, temperature, it can show dBm and allows data transferring to the PC via optically isolated USB interface. If you need awesome multimeter, this multimeter is for you!

Aktakom AM-1038 has many other additional functions:

  • Display: 50000 counts
  • Base accuracy 0.03% 
  • True RMS
  • Resolution 0.01Ω (resistance meas.) and 1μV (voltage meas.)
  • dBm measurements 
  • Min/Max, relative measurements
  • Auto and manual measurement range selection
  • Data hold
  • Backlit display 
  • Auto turn-off 
  • USB 1.1 interface with galvanic isolation

For AM-1038 multimeter operation they use special AM-1038-SW software. This software includes all necessary functions (analog scale, virtual display, graphic window, statistics window and MIN/MAX field). Depending on the chosen frequency of data acquisition this multimeter allows you to record over 45 hours of statistical information. Data acquisition rate when connecting to the PC is from 0.2 to 2 meas/s.

Much more information including the detailed specifications, accuracy tables, additional pictures and video as well as the answers for the frequently asked questions can be checked on the page of Aktakom AM-1038.

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