AKTAKOM ASE-1115 soldering station with high heating up capacity

AKTAKOM ASE-1115 soldering station with high heating up capacity


Excellent soldering station AKTAKOM ASE-1115 (with max. consumed power 60W) is developed to suit wide temperature range and it is ideal for general purpose or specialized lead-free soldering applications.

The soldering iron tool is controlled automatically by the micro-processor. The digital control electronics and high-quality sensor and heat exchange system guarantee precise temperature control at the soldering tip. Max. power of the soldering iron is 60W with 24V voltage supply.

One of the distinguishing features of ASE-1115 soldering station is the high heating up capacity, AKTAKOM ASE-1115 soldering station reaches 350℃ in 30 seconds. The temperature range of this model is 160C - 480C.

Another feature is the availability of three temperature types (200C, 300C, 400C) that can be easily preset with a button on the front panel.

To find more details you are welcome to check AKTAKOM ASE-1115 web page.

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