New Aktakom ASE-1106 ESD Soldering Station

New Aktakom ASE-1106 ESD Soldering Station


As you know one of the most important requirements for the operation with small and valuable electronic components is reliable protection from electro static discharge. Our Catalogue has a new soldering station model now that meets this requirement. We are introducing new Aktakom ASE-1106 ESD-safe soldering station.

The temperature of ASE-1106 can be easily controlled. Temperature range of it varies from 392 to 896°F (200 to 480°C). The model has a LED display clearly indicating the correct temperature readings.

Aktakom ASE-1106 is equipped with high-quality heating element that can be easily replaced. Reliable and light-weighted structure of the housing fully isolates the heating element from the environment effect and therefore protects the heating element from corrosion providing its high durability accordingly.

Find more about ASE-1106 on its page.

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