Everything you’d like to know about ATE-5035 Humidity and Temperature Meter

Everything you’d like to know about ATE-5035 Humidity and Temperature Meter


We always try to provide as full information about Aktakom measuring devices as possible. Sometimes we receive questions from our customers concerning the operation of some certain models. To make it easier for you we have prepared the answers for frequently asked questions and also provided all necessary information about the software for ATE-5035 Humidity and Temperature Meter and ATE-5035BT model with the Bluetooth interface as well.

From FAQ tab you will get to know how to change the temperature unit when using ATE-5035/5035BT models; how to set the date and time on it; if the models have Auto power off function and much more other information.

ATE-5035 humidity and temperature meter is compatible with Aktakom ACE-1025 interface converter and Aktakom ATE Easy Monitor (ATEEM) or Aktakom Data Logger Monitor (ADLM-W) software (Windows OS) and AKTAKOM Smart Data Monitor (ASDM) or Aktakom Smart Data Logger (ASDL) applications for tablet PCs or any other mobile devices based on Android OS respectively. Also it’s capable of mathematical processing and saving the received measurement results. To see more details about every of the software just follow Software tab.

Visit ATE-5035 and ATE-5035BT web pages to see other capabilities these models have.

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