New Aktakom Software to make your environment meter operation easier!

New Aktakom Software to make your environment meter operation easier!


We would like to offer you new Aktakom software compatible with a wide range of Aktakom environment meters.

Aktakom Smart Data Logger (ASDL) software is designed for data reading received from AKTAKOM ATT and ATE series devices, measurement data acquisition, its processing, displaying, including graphs, and saving to a mobile device with Android 4.0 or more advanced OS version.

ASDL software provides automatic detection of an active Bluetooth device or USB – RS-232 interface converter used to connect the measuring device to a mobile device (with Android OS), as well as the readout of the transmitted data. There is data processing available for up to four channels. The measurement data transmission automatically results in the real-time graphs with automatic scaling. The software is capable of recording measurements with further ability to read the saved file. The absence of any connected devices leads to the demo mode activation. It allows user to see the application functionality or to access the previously recorded data files. In the settings menu you may set the measurement intervals and hold the data reads (HOLD function).

ASDL software is available on Google Play! In order to have this software simply go to the software web page and click on “Get it on Google Play” icon.

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