AKTAKOM ATK-2301 clamp meter or how to measure power factor?

AKTAKOM ATK-2301 clamp meter or how to measure power factor?


Up-to-date AKTAKOM clamp meters allow you to measure this important parameter fast and efficiently without the network breakup. AKTAKOM ATK-2301 Watt clamp meter with max. resolution 10µA is designed to measure leakage current, this model allows measuring active (0,001W...9999kW), reactive and full power as well as power factor (cos ɸ).

When measuring cos ɸ the device simultaneously measures the voltage value changing and the current value changing for a short period of time and following the difference of these values it identifies the phase difference between these values.

On AKTAKOM ATK-2301 clamp meter page you will find the detailed specifications, additional pictures, accuracy tables. “Application” tab contains the picture with the clamp meter controls. And in “FAQ” tab you will find the answers for the frequently asked questions such as:

  • How can I measure AC mA and A using Aktakom ATK-2301 clamp meter?
  • How can be harmonics of AC Current in Percentage (%) measured with Aktakom ATK-2301?
  • How to measure the frequency of AC current with ATK-2301 clamp meter?
  • How can I measure True RMS value of AC Voltage with Aktakom ATK-2301?
  • How can AC voltage frequency be measured with Aktakom ATK-2301?
    and many others.

More details are available on AKTAKOM ATK-2301 page.

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