New AKTAKOM AM-7070 Voltage and Current Calibrator

New AKTAKOM AM-7070 Voltage and Current Calibrator


At the moment our product range has been updated. We would like to introduce a new model – new AM-7070 calibrator from AKTAKOM.

High-end AKTAKOM AM-7070 voltage and current calibrator is the source of voltage and current calibrated values and it’s designed to generate DC voltage and current regulated signal when adjusting and testing sensors and other equipment in various types of application (repair service, oil and chemical industry, test laboratories, production and quality control, educational institutions).

AM-7070 has an additional function of voltage and current measurements (note: it can’t be used simultaneously with generation). Thus AM-7070 represents a universal electronic device to control and measure voltage and current.

Handheld AM-7070 calibrator has the following parameters: voltage (100 mV / 15 V, inaccuracy 0.02%); current (24 mA, inaccuracy 0.015%); input impedance 2 MΩ, <100 pF; voltage overload protection 30 V, current overload protection 125 mA.

Find more details on page of AM-7070 by clicking this link.

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