EUCOL U2815 LCR Meter 20Hz-1MHz on sale

EUCOL U2815 LCR Meter 20Hz-1MHz on sale

U2815 LCR Meter is the new generation of impedance test equipment with high accuracy, wide measurement range and six digits resolution. AC and DC parameters can be measured simultaneously without interference; self-demagnetization. Test frequency: 20Hz ~ 1MHz, 10mHz step. Test level: 10mV ~5V, 1mV step. Basic accuracy: 0.1%

This product can be widely used in electric performance analysis of microphones, resonators, inductors, ceramic capacitors, LCD monitors, analyzes varactor diodes, transformers and so on. Ultra-fast measurement speed of U2815 Series makes it particularly suitable for automatic production line of inspection machines and frequency response curve analysis of piezoelectric device.

On Sale was 3,499 now 3,399 Sale expaires April 30.

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