New product: the ultrasensitive R&S FSWP phase noise analyzer and VCO tester

New product: the ultrasensitive R&S FSWP phase noise analyzer and VCO tester


The new R&S FSWP phase noise tester allows users to measure the spectral purity of signal sources such as generators, synthesizers, high-end oscillators (OCXO, DRO, …) and voltage-controlled oscillators (VCO) more quickly than with any other solution. The high-end instrument covers a frequency range up to 26 GHz and offers a top dynamic range. The extremely low phase noise of its local oscillator coupled with cross-correlation even makes it possible to easily measure signal sources that in the past required complex test setups.

The R&S FSWP performs complex measurements at the push of a button and features intuitive touchscreen operation. It can quickly and easily measure the phase noise of pulsed sources as well as additive phase noise under pulsed conditions. The R&S FSWP is the optimum solution for manufacturers of radar components, synthesizers and high-end oscillators for aerospace and defense, automotive and wireless communications applications. Thanks to its measurement speed, the R&S FSWP is also ideal for measuring signal sources not only in research and development, but also in production.

Like its predecessor model, the R&S FSUP, the R&S FSWP can be upgraded to a signal and spectrum analyzer. Rohde & Schwarz is still the only manufacturer to offer both measurement solutions in a single device.

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