Keysight Technologies Unveils Current-Voltage Analyzer Series with Best-In-Class Performance, Support for Cutting-Edge Applications

Keysight Technologies Unveils Current-Voltage Analyzer Series with Best-In-Class Performance, Support for Cutting-Edge Applications


Keysight Technologies, Inc. introduced a full line-up of current-voltage (I-V) analyzers for characterizing a wide range of nanomaterials and electronic devices. Referred to collectively as the Precision Current-Voltage Analyzer Series, the analyzers deliver best-in-class accuracy and performance, powerful analysis features, and support for cutting-edge applications.

The Series includes a low-cost family of analyzers (starting at $5,000). Its design overcomes the limitations of expensive, traditional current-voltage analyzers and therefore makes it available to a greater number of designers and engineers.

The Precision Current-Voltage Analyzer Series makes accurate and efficient current-voltage measurements that provide clear insight into the characteristics of a wide range of materials and devices. The Series comprises the economic IV, precision IV and advanced device analyzers; all of which integrate multi-channel source/measurement units (SMUs). With the SMUs, the Series delivers accurate integrated source and measurement capabilities that make it quicker and easier to obtain accurate IV characterization as compared to using more conventional power supplies, digital multimeters, voltage/current meters, curve tracers and bench-top SMUs.

The Series offers a full line-up of analyzers, from an economic model starting at one tenth the price of a typical analyzer, to an advanced model that supports 0.1 fA resolution and optional cutting-edge applications (e.g., capacitance and fast-pulsed IV measurements or ultra-high voltage/current). Because the Series covers such a wide range of coverage needs, users can now more easily select the specific analyzer that meets their needs in terms of price and performance.

"To pursue new technologies for electronic devices with better power management it has become increasingly important to speed current-voltage characterization," said Masaki Yamamoto, vice president and general manager of Keysight's Hachioji Semiconductor Test Division. "Our analyzer Series addresses this need by offering an expanded set of analyzer capabilities and faster measurements at a lower price. This allows more industry researchers and developers to take full advantage of our I-V analyzers' benefits."

Powerful Characterization Software

Keysight's analyzer Series features powerful EasyEXPERT group+ software that's designed to accelerate the entire characterization process. EasyEXPERT group+ is the next-generation of EasyEXPERT, which served for the de-facto standard Keysight B1500A and B1505A device analyzers. The unified characterization software supports all tasks required in the characterization process—from measurement setup and execution to analysis, data management and so on—using a GUI and mouse/keyboard operation. Its powerful capabilities are available for multiple users online or offline. Having the software available on as many PCs as needed significantly accelerates the characterization process, whether for a single user or at the department level.

Key Analyzer Characteristics

The Precision Current-Voltage Analyzer Series comprises the following three analyzer families:

  • Advanced Device Analyzers are flexible all-in-one analyzers that support IV, CV (capacitance–voltage), pulse/dynamic IV, and more, and all-around characterization of basic to cutting-edge applications. With configurable modules up to 10 slots, they can be easily scaled. EasyEXPERT group+ is available on a built-in mainframe PC with 15-inch touch screen and external PC
  • Precision IV Analyzers are high-performance analyzers featuring a current measurement capability as low as 0.1 fA and SMU scalability that is available for advanced IV characterization. EasyEXPERT group+ is available on a PC
  • Economic IV Analyzers are entry-level analyzers that are available for a range of IV characterizations and feature resolution down to 10 fA. Multiple SMU units may be combined, up to 8 channels. EasyEXPERT group+ is available on a PC

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