Keysight Technologies Introduces Advanced Pulse Analysis with Deep Capture for Radar, Electronic Counter Measure Systems

Keysight Technologies Introduces Advanced Pulse Analysis with Deep Capture for Radar, Electronic Counter Measure Systems


Keysight Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: KEYS) announced comprehensive pulsed radar analysis software. The new 89600 VSA software's pulse analysis option (BHQ) is used in radar and electronic counter measure applications for capturing and analyzing threats and jamming responses.

The software option gives R&D engineers the flexibility to define unique pulse characteristics and analyze them in the time and frequency domains. The software also provides tabular statistical reports summarizing the critical pulse parameters that are of interest to system designers.

Used in conjunction with the recently introduced UXA X-Series signal analyzer, designers can make pulse measurements up to 510 MHz analysis bandwidth – the widest RF analysis bandwidth available today. The analyzer also has excellent phase noise and dynamic range specifications.

For designers using the Infiniium oscilloscopes or the M9703A wideband digitizer to achieve even wider bandwidths, a new segmented memory capture feature can reduce memory consumption. By recording only pulses, with minimal recording of off-pulse time, segmented memory capture makes a longer recording period possible. This means that these instruments can now gather a greater amount of data, allowing designers to characterize complex pulse signals with more confidence than ever before.

"In-depth pulsed radar analysis capabilities are essential for system design in aerospace, defense and electronic warfare applications, where mission criticality is at stake," said Satish Dhanasekaran, marketing manager, Keysight's Microwave & Communications Division. "The 89600 VSA software is just one example of the many ways that Keysight applies years of test and measurement expertise to the task of putting powerful and evolving software tools into the hands of the designers. This allows them to gain deeper and unique insight into their engineering challenges."

About 89600 VSA Software

Keysight's industry-leading 89600 VSA software is a comprehensive set of tools for signal demodulation and vector signal analysis. It is widely used in cellular, wireless-connectivity, aerospace and defense applications. 89600 VSA software allows users to explore virtually every facet of a signal and optimize their most advanced designs. The software supports connectivity to over 40 different Keysight hardware products.

Find more details on Keysight Technologies web site.

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