USB 3.1 Developers Days, Berlin, Germany

USB 3.1 Developers Days, Berlin, Germany


The USB 3.1 Specification adds a SuperSpeed USB 10Gbps speed mode that uses a more efficient data encoding and will deliver more than twice the effective data through-put performance of existing SuperSpeed USB over enhanced, fully backward compatible USB connectors and cable. The specification extends the existing SuperSpeed mechanical, electrical, protocol and hub definition while maintaining compatibility with existing USB 3.0 software stacks and device class protocols as well as with existing 5Gbps hubs and devices and USB 2.0 products.

The USB Type-C Cable and Connector Specification defines a new USB connector solution that extends the existing set of cables and connectors to enable emerging platform designs where size, performance and user flexibility are increasingly more critical. The specification covers all of the mechanical and electrical requirements for the new connector and cables. Additionally, it covers the functional requirements that enable this new solution to be reversible both in plug orientation and cable direction, and to support functional extensions that designers are looking for in order to enable single-connector platform designs.

The USB Power Delivery Specification defines the use of a sideband communications method used between two connected USB products to discover, configure and manage power delivered across VBUS between USB products with control over power delivery direction, voltage (up to 20V) and current (up to 5A). The USB Power Delivery 2.0 update adds a new communications physical layer that is specific to the USB Type-C cable and connector solution. The specification also extends the definition of Structured Vendor Defined Messages (VDMs) to enable the functional extensions that are possible with the USB Type-C solution.

What: USB 3.1 Developers Days is an opportunity to review these specifications and engage with experts in a face-to-face setting

When: The conference will be held October 1-2, 2014

Cost: Members US $475.00
Non-members US $960.00

Registration will close on Monday, September 22 at 5:00PM US Pacific Time. All attendees MUST be pre-registered as on-site registration will not be available.

Agenda (subject to change):
Day 1: USB 3.1 (featuring the new USB Type-C connector)

  • Registration check-in
  • Introduction
  • USB 3.1 Architectural Overview
  • USB 3.1 Physical and Link Layers
  • USB Type-C Functional Requirements
  • USB 3.1 Protocol Layer
  • USB 3.1 Hub- USB 3.1 Compliance

Day 2: Track One

USB Cables and Connectors (including USB Type-C)

  • Overview
  • USB Type-C Mechanical requirements and compliance
  • USB Type-C Electrical/EMC requirements and compliance

USB 3.1 System Design

  • USB 3.1 design and interoperability goals, and design envelope (EQ capability, channel loss budget)
  • System simulation: reference channels and reference equalizers
  • Key system performance metrics and design trade-offs
  • Design recommendations and trade-offs for package and PCB designs
  • Silicon design considerations, including equalizers and system margining
  • Re-timing repeater design requirements
  • Design to minimize EMI & RFI

Day 2 : Track Two

USB Power Delivery 2.0

  • Introduction and Architectural Overview
  • Electrical/Physical Layer
  • Protocol Layer
  • Protocol Extensions (specific to USB Type-C)
  • Device and System Policy
  • Power Supply
  • Compliance

Where: Sofitel Berlin Kurfürstendamm
Augsburger Strasse 411078910789 – Berlin, Germany

Tel.: (+49) 30 800 9990
Fax: (+49) 30 800 99999.

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