Spectracom Discontinuance Notice: GSG-L1 GPS Simulator

Spectracom Discontinuance Notice: GSG-L1 GPS Simulator


Spectracom’s GSG-L1 GPS Simulator is nearing end-of-life and has been replaced by GSG-51 and the GSG-5 Series GNSS Simulators. Last-time buy orders for the model GSG-L1 will be accepted until January 31st 2014, for delivery on or before June 30th, 2014.

Support for the GSG-L1 is expected to be available until December 2018. Product support includes technical assistance for installation and maintenance, documentation, and repair or replacement with functionally equivalent units.

Products reach end of life for a variety of reasons: unavailability of parts, lack of support by outside suppliers, as well as the obsolescence of the level of functionality offered by the product. As Spectracom is on the forefront of technology, this trend applies to Spectracom’s products too. We protect our customers’ investment in this rapidly changing market by timely notification of product obsolescence, sustaining support of legacy products, and ensuring our customers have a cost-effective upgrade path with a comprehensive product line so they can keep pace with technological advances.

GSG-51 has all the features of the GSG-L1, plus network interfaces and upgrade path to additional satellite channels, a user screen and front panel control (which can be locked down to prevent unauthorized access), and is comparably priced to the GSG-L1. As part of the GSG -5 Series simulator family, it is fully upgradable for feature additions, ensuring a long service life.

Find more details about GSG Series GPS Simulator Models on the official web site of Spectracom.

Spectracom, www.spectracomcorp.com

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