Tektronix Introduces Entry Level TBS1000 Oscilloscope Series

Tektronix Introduces Entry Level TBS1000 Oscilloscope Series


Tektronix, Inc., the world's leading manufacturer of oscilloscopes, introduced the TBS1000 Series of entry-level oscilloscopes, giving electrical engineers, educators and hobbyist an affordable, dependable and full-featured tool for a wide variety of general purpose electronics test applications.

With prices starting at just $520, the TBS1000 Series (for Tektronix Basic Scope) makes it easier than ever for educators to put an oscilloscope on every desktop, for hobbyists and tinkerers to enjoy Tektronix reliability and performance, or for companies to outfit their entire engineering and technical support teams with the powerful diagnostic tools they need. Designed and manufactured by Tektronix, and backed by a 5-year warranty, the new oscilloscopes deliver excellent performance and accuracy with 1 GS/s or 500 MS/s sample rates and 3 percent DC gain accuracy down to 2 mV.

"There continues to be a strong and growing need globally for lower price point oscilloscopes," said Dave Farrell, general manager, Mainstream Oscilloscopes at Tektronix. "With the TBS1000 Series we are meeting this need with the lowest starting price for a Tektronix oscilloscope in recent history coupled with a capable feature set and a generous 5-year warranty. Now almost anyone involved in electronics can afford to step up to Tektronix quality for their testing needs."

Compared to the previous TDS1000-EDU Series of oscilloscopes, the TBS1000 Series offers more bandwidth alternatives including new 25 MHz and 150 MHz models. A new waveform data logging feature allows users to save up to eight hours of triggered waveforms to a USB flash drive. Another enhancement is waveform limit testing that allows users to monitor signal changes and output pass/fail results. The TBS1000 is based on the same proprietary technology as the extremely popular TDS2000 Series, and includes the same versatile triggering, automatic measurements, USB connectivity, and FFT capability. Taken together the TBS1000 Series delivers an unbeatable combination of superior performance, unmatched ease-of-use, and affordability in an ultra-lightweight, portable package.

A particular strong suit for the TBS1000 Series is usability. The user interface offers intuitive operation familiar to engineers around the world, coupled with a full set of the most frequently used measurement types and analysis functions. Usability is further enhanced with a lightweight, compact design.

To meet the needs of educators, each TBS1000 oscilloscope includes an Education Resource CD offering a broad range of lab exercises, instructor's guides and primers that cover the use of oscilloscopes and probes.

"There's no question that Tektronix is the world standard in oscilloscopes," said Yong-Beom Cho, Ph.D., Department of Electronic Engineering, Konkuk University. "From the most basic to the highest end, Tektronix scopes have always led the way in reliability, performance and quality. With the TBS1000 it looks like Tektronix is leading the way in value too."

Tektronix, Inc. - www.tektronix.com

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