Displays and LEDs – The next generation. The latest technologies at electronica 2012

Displays and LEDs – The next generation. The latest technologies at electronica 2012


Flatter, more compact, higher resolutions and higher contrast – those are the convincing features of the latest displays at electronica 2012. LED technology is also making advances. Implementing the EU’s eco-design guidelines is giving the market for innovative light sources positive new impetus. From November 13 – 16, exhibitors from around the world will present their products, the latest solutions and the most important trends in the display and LED sector. At electronica’s automotive Forum, industry experts will discuss displays and LEDs in the automotive sector. One of the highlights will be a panel discussion on “Lighting concepts and LEDs” on November 14.

According to a recent Bitkom study, more than 10 million flat-screen televisions with LCD/LED displays will be sold in Germany in 2012 – a new record. The next generation of displays, which feature OLED and AMOLED technologies for industrial applications and the consumer sector, are already available. When it comes to innovative light sources, LEDs and OLEDs are also on the advance. Implementation of the EU’s eco-design guideline 2009/125/EG is accelerating market growth. Since 2009, light bulbs and other inefficient light sources have been gradually phased out. When it comes to these and other topics such as automotive lighting, e-signage and industrial applications, approximately 173 exhibitors will present the latest technical solutions, products and components at electronica.

Touch technology and displays with compact technology

Besides being used to graphically display digital content, displays are increasingly being used to replace other input devices such as computer keyboards. For the first time in Europe, Kyocera Fineceramics and Kyocera Display will be at electronica to present the “New Feelings” touch panel, which makes touching the display feel like pushing a real button. Elektrosil will also present various touch technologies such as infrared, projected capacitive and resistive. The company will also introduce various single and multi-touch solutions for industrial applications. In the entertainment sector, Kyocera will also present “super wide view” LCDs that ensure stable color behavior (no grey inversion) at extreme viewing angles as well as high-brightness versions for outdoor viewing.

In the handheld sector, which includes portable measuring and testing equipment, medical monitoring systems and industrial control systems, what matters the most are the compact design of the displays and the range of potential applications. Data Modul will be at this year’s electronica to introduce the first standard chip-on-glass (COG) display with a resolution of 320 x 240 that requires just one chip. The advantage of this solution is light and uncomplicated system integration combined with high resolution and contrast.

Main topic: LED lighting technology

Implementation of the EU’s eco-design guideline means that LEDs will gradually become the standard in lighting technology in the years to come. Several exhibitors at electronica will present the entire range of possible applications for LEDs. Osram will showcase its latest developments in the sectors for automotive lighting, entertainment and security applications. Exhibits will include components that are already available as well as prototypes of new products “in action”.

Displays and LEDs at the automotive Forum

The automotive Forum will feature various lectures dealing with the topic of displays and LEDs in automobiles. A lecture by Robert Kraus, President/CEO of Inova Semiconductors, titled “Gbps Networking for Automotive” will deal with the use of displays as vehicle equipment. There will be several lectures on the topic of LEDs in modern automobiles including a presentation by Michael Brandl, Osram Semiconductors, titled “Emerging LED-based automotive applications – challenges and solutions”.

In addition, on Wednesday, November 14, there will be a panel discussion on “Lighting Concepts & LEDs”. Industry experts will discuss the latest trends in lighting and LED technology. Panel members will include: Alfred Vollmer, Editor of “Automobil-Elektronik”; Lars Reger, NXP Semiconductors; Dr. Wolfgang Bochtler, Mektec Europe; Holger Seibold, Automotiv Lighting; Michael Brandl, Osram Opto Semiconductors and Rainer Böhm, Lear.

All information about electronica 2012 is available online at www.electronica.de.

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