Catch The Glitch By Rohde & Schwarz

Catch The Glitch By Rohde & Schwarz


Catch the glitch is an addictive game of skill and speed.

Glitches appear on the simulated oscilloscope and it is your job to catch them. Every glitch you catch earns you more credits. But watch out, you will lose if you catch the fake glitches.

Free play through three different challenging levels, or register and use your high score to win prizes in the international ranking table. Levels range from easy for beginners, medium for the more clever, and hard for the highly skilled. Catch the glitch now - cool prizes are waiting for you!

Catch the glitch features:

  • 3 addicting levels
  • Jokers help you catch more glitches
  • International ranking table
  • Cool prizes for registered users

Rohde & Schwarz.

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