Vector Signal Generator MG3710A

Vector Signal Generator MG3710A


The MG3710A Vector Signal Generator is a best-of-class, high-function, signal generator with excellent RF and baseband performance.
Up to two RF output connectors can be installed each with two built-in waveform memories to output two combined modulation signals from each RF connector for a maximum of four modulation signal outputs. A single MG3710A can output wanted + interference, wanted + delay, multicarrier, etc., signals, eliminating the cost of two normal generators while streamlining measurement setup and operation times.
It features a wide vector-modulation signal band and large waveform memories while supporting digital modulation signals for a wide range of communications modulation technologies. Not only is it the ideal measurement solution for key mobile communications methods, such as mobile phones, wireless LAN, etc., but it also has the performance required for developing new wideband wireless communications. With a built-in waveform pattern generator, any waveform pattern is easily selected to output modulation signals for every communications technology worldwide.

The following four types of waveform pattern can be used with the MG3710A

  • Built-in standard waveform patterns
  • Optional waveform patterns (sold separately) (MX3700xxA)
  • Waveforms generated by IQproducer waveform generation software (sold separately) (MX3701xxA)
  • IQ data generated by general-purpose signal-generation software and converted waveform patterns used by MG3710A

Main Performance and Specifications

Basic Performance

  • Frequency Range:

- 100 kHz to 2.7GHz/4GHz/6GHz (1stRF Opt.032/034/036)

- 100 kHz to 2.7GHz/4GHz/6GHz (2ndRF Opt.062/064/066)

  • High Power Output: +23 dBm (CW, 400 MHz to 3 GHz)
  • SSB Phase Noise: <-131 dBc/Hz typ. (1GHz, 20kHz offset, CW)
  • ACLR: -71 dBc (W-CDMA Test-Model 1 64DPCH, ≤+5 dBm)
  • Switching Speed: <600 µs (frequency/amplitude, List/Sweep mode)

Baseband Performance

  • RF Band: Built-in,120 MHz baseband generator
  • Large 64 Msa waveform memory with optional expansion to 1024 Msa
  • Pre-installed standard waveform patterns

- LTE-FDD/TDD (E-TM1.1 to TM3.3), W-CDMA/HSDPA, GSM/EDGE, CDMA2000 1x/1xEV-DO, Bluetooth®, GPS, PDC, PHS,

- Broadcast (ISDB-T/BS/CS/CATV), WLAN (IEEE802.11a/11b/11g), Mobile WiMAX

  • Signal generation with waveform generation software (IQproducer)

- LTE-FDD, LTE-TDD, WLAN 11a/b/g/n/j/p, Mobile WiMAX, W-CDMA/HSPA, cdma2000 1xEV-DO, TD-SCDMA, Fading,

- Multi-Carrier, DVB-T/H, XG-PHS, TDMA

Expansion Options

  • AWGN Generator [Opt.049/079]
    C/N: ≤40dB
  • BER Measurement Function [Opt.021]  
    Input bit rate: 100 bps to 40 Mbps
  • USB Power Sensor (sold separately)
    Supports connection of two USB power sensors max.

Frequency Range:

- 50 MHz to 6 GHz [MA24106A]

- 10 MHz to 18 GHz [MA24118A]

- 10 MHz to 26 GHz [MA24126A]

  • MIMO Signal Source: Supports local input [Opt-017]
    Baseband clock, local and trigger signals can be shared between up to four MG3710A units to output phase coherency signals
    synchronized with the signal output timing for configuring an 8x8 MIMO system.

Communications Interfaces

  • Standard 1000Base-T, GPIB, and USB interfaces
  • Built-in SCPI, MG3700A/MS269xA/MS2830A compatibility modes


  • Upgradeable to Windows 7 [Opt-029]

- The MG3710A uses the Windows XP OS but it can be upgraded to Windows 7 as an option.

- Note: Opt-029 can only be selected at new orders; it cannot be retrofitted to delivered units.

  • Secondary Storage HDD for User Data [Opt-011]

- The secondary HDD storage option can be added/removed to/from the main frame to manage sensitive data,

- waveform patterns, etc., that must not leave the worksite/laboratory/office.


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