Anritsu previews newest generation of signal generators to meet the future wireless test challenges

Anritsu previews newest generation of signal generators to meet the future wireless test challenges


The wireless industry is moving at its fastest ever pace with the rapid introduction of LTE, and now the fast pace for LTE-Advanced and new technologies in WiFi. To match this pace and provide effective test solutions designers must keep ahead so that they can effectively test new technologies such as MIMO, carrier aggregation (CA), multi band radio, and co-ordinated multi point transmissions. Achieving this requires a new generation of signal generator to create all of the required new reference signals in a compact and manageable integrated environment. This is needed to meet the technology and measurement challenges of Multi Standard Radio, Carrier Aggregation, and MIMO with multi-carrier transmissions.

Anritsu is the first test equipment supplier to release the new generation equipment that is following these market demands. The MG3710A is the newest product on the market, and supports unique new measurement techniques to support these latest wireless transmission standards. It is fully able to meet these challenges, and so it enables RF designers to verify that their products are also able to meet the challenges of next generation wireless technology. The unique features include ‘waveform combining’ to enable an engineer to quickly create more complex signal combinations from libraries of signals, and the dual RF capability that addresses the future needs of Carrier Aggregation and multi-carrier transmissions that are being developed for higher speed data links. The architecture allows for multiple units to be locked together in RF phase and signal clock, enabling the effective and simple implementation of test systems for high order MIMO configurations that are currently in development (e.g. 8x8 MIMO).

Anritsu Corporation,

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