Tektronix Gains Type Approval Certification for Video Test Products in Russia

Tektronix Gains Type Approval Certification for Video Test Products in Russia


Tektronix, the market leader in broadcast video test, monitoring and analysis solutions, announced that it has obtained Type Approval Certificates in Russia for several of its compressed and uncompressed video test solutions.

The following products have been registered with the State Register of Measurement Instruments and can be used in the Russian Federation:

  • MTM400A Digital TV Monitor, which provides a complete solution for real-time transmission monitoring of MPEG Transport Streams over RF, IP, and ASIinterfaces
  • MTS400 Series MPEG Analysis Tools, which includes the MTS400P Portable MPEG test system, and the MTS415 and MTS430 MPEG test systems which are ideal for use by broadcasters, network operators and in R&D labs
  • MTX100B and RTX130B MPEG Generators
  • TG700 Multiformat Video Generator, including AG7,AGL 7, ATG 7, AVG7, AWVG7, BG7, DVG7, HDLG7, HDVG7 modules
  • WFM4000/5000 Series and WVR4000/5000 Series waveform monitors and rasterizers, as well as the WFM6120, WVR6020, WFM7020, WVR7020, WFM7120, WVR7120.

“Tektronix video test products are recognized across the world for their quality and technical excellence, however we appreciate that for many of our customers in Russia , Type Approval Certification is very important,” said Nicki Fisher, video sales director for Tektronix in EMEA. “We are therefore pleased to be able to offer this certification, which will allow more government customers to get access to our products and use them to solve their complex video quality and delivery challenges."


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