How to change the C to F when using the ASE-1116 soldering station?

How to change the C to F when using the ASE-1116 soldering station?


AKTAKOM ASE-1116 soldering station provides precision digital temperature control, reliability, and ease of use - all you need for mounting electronic components on PCB, especially in the repairing and soldering of electronic appliances and communication equipment. The AKTAKOM ASE-1116 soldering station is designed for lead-free soldering especially.

It is heating up from room temperature to 350C in 30 seconds. This tool is used in electronic research, teaching, and production, especially in repairing and soldering electronic appliances and communication types of equipment.

The ASE-1111 has 1 assembling channel, temperature range: 320F - 896F (160C - 480C), max. stations power: 60W.

To switch the temperature display from C to F press the C/T button, and then the electronic system of AKTAKOM ASE-1116 will display the actual temperature as well as the setting temperature in F and vice versa.

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