Powerful Induction Soldering Station Aktakom ASE-1206

Powerful Induction Soldering Station Aktakom ASE-1206


Induction soldering stations do not require calibration. The no-load temperature is determined by the Curie point, so stations do not need adjustment or calibration. There is no possibility of overheating of light contacts, as the optimal power is selected automatically. This allows you to work safely with sensitive components.

AKTAKOM ASE-1206 is a soldering station with digital indication of soldering iron temperature is used for lead-free soldering. This tool has ultrafast heating feature that provides high performance operation. To heat up ASE-1206 uses induction current with the frequency of up to 400 kHz. The time required to Features

  • High power: 180W.
  • Fast melting and recovery temperature.
  • >0.3 in / 8 mm tip diameter max.
  • Digital temperature calibration.
  • Auto Transition to sleep mode, set the time of shutting down.
  • Lock Mode tip temperature to improve the quality of melting.
  • Protection against static electricity (ESD).
  • Replaceable tipsheat up the ceramic tip up to 662°F / 350°C is less than 18 sec. only.

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