AKTAKOM ATH-8030 – one of the most popular electronic loads

AKTAKOM ATH-8030 – one of the most popular electronic loads


AKTAKOM ATH-8030 programmable electronic load is designed to work as a load when testing, configuring and adjusting power supplies, amplifiers and other electronic devices with a supply voltage of up to 150 V, a load current of up to 30 A, and an absorbed power of up to 300 W.

The accuracy of the set and measured parameters in DC mode is ±(0.03% + 0.05%FS). Constant resistance mode: ±(0.1%+0.1%FS).

ATH-8030 programmable electronic load can be controlled through RS-232 interface at a speed of 115200 bps as well as via USB interface.

AKTAKOM ATH-8030 programmable electronic load (analog of M9712) provides great performance, reliability and ease of operation with high functionality. This electronic load supports different stabilization modes (constant voltage, constant current, constant resistance, constant power) as well as a number of test functions: battery test, dynamic test, external trigger.


  • VFD display
  • Load operation modes: CV voltage regulation, CC current regulation, CR resistance regulation, CW power regulation, 2 combined modes: CC+CV, CR+CW
  • Protection for current, voltage, power, overheating, reverse polarity
  • Soft start function
  • Battery testing
  • Support for dynamic testing with rising and falling edge setting
  • External Trigger Support
  • Voltage drop compensation
  • List work
  • Automatic testing

Find more details on AKTAKOM ATH-8030 page.

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