Methods of temperature measurement with AKTAKOM ATT-2590 thermometer

Methods of temperature measurement with AKTAKOM ATT-2590 thermometer


Aktakom ATT-2590 is an infrared thermometer convenient for contact and contactless measurement of the surface temperature of objects. For the best target indication Aktakom ATT-2590 uses a laser marker.

ATT-2590 IR thermometer is especially suitable when other temperature measuring methods are not acceptable. Thus when you need to measure the temperature of a moving object, surface under voltage, dirty or hard-to-reach surface.

Features of Aktakom ATT-2590:

  • High-contrast 4 digit display
  • Environment temperature indication
  • Laser (pyrometer) that can be switched off
  • Backlight
  • Portability
  • Handy and solid housing
  • Low-battery indication
  • Auto power off that can be deactivated

Temperature ranges of the device:

  • -50...300°C (-58...572°F) (for pyrometer mode)
  • -200...1300°C (-328...2372°F) (when using contact measurement method)

To make the work with this thermometer more convenient for user we added the detailed step by step instruction on how to measure temperature with both contact and contactless methods. These instructions can be found on Aktakom ATT-2590 page in “Application” tab.

Also we have updated “FAQ” tab that now contains several frequently asked questions and answers for them. Thus you will get to know how to switch on the backlight and deactivate one more feature of the device – its Auto power off function.

Find more details on page of Aktakom ATT-2590.

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