AKTAKOM APS-1306 DC Regulated Power Supply

AKTAKOM APS-1306 DC Regulated Power Supply


The range of AKTAKOM power supplies has APS-1306 model which is perfect for repair services and in scientific and research laboratories. This model represents a single channel power supply equipped with dual LED display simultaneously displaying both voltage (up to 30 V) and current (up to 5 A).

AKTAKOM APS-1306 DC regulated power supply is designed to power radio technical equipment with stabilized voltage and current in repair process, laboratory research.

Below is the list of features and specifications that you will definitely find very useful:

  • output voltage inaccuracy: ±(0.5% + 20 mV)
  • output current inaccuracy: ±(0.5% + 2 mA)
  • voltage ripple & noise: 2 mV RMS.
  • protection mode: voltage and current limitation
  • current and voltage stabilization mode (CC and CV)
  • output connectors: insulated safety plugs
  • organic glass front panel / other panels made of steel

More features of APS-1306 power supply is all available here.

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