New handheld digital TrueRMS multimeters Aktakom AMM-1015 and AMM-1037

New handheld digital TrueRMS multimeters Aktakom AMM-1015 and AMM-1037


Aktakom model range includes 2 new digital multimeter models now!

We are glad to introduce Aktakom AMM-1015 and AMM-1037 TrueRMS multimeters which combine high measurement precision (basic accuracy is 0.1%), perfect functionality and a very low price.

The new models have the following functional capabilities:

  • DC voltage measurement: up to 1000 V (basic accuracy: 0.5%)
  • TrueRMS measurement: up to 750 V (basic accuracy: 0.8%, range: 40 Hz...1 kHz)
  • DC measurement: up to 20 A (basic accuracy: 0.8%/0.5%)
  • TrueRMS measurement: up to 20 A (basic accuracy: 0.8%/1.5%, range: 40 Hz...1 kHz)
  • Resistance measurement: up to 200 MOhm (basic accuracy: 0.5%/0.4%)
  • Capacity measurement: up to 2000 µF (basic accuracy: 4.0%)
  • Frequency measurement: up to 1 MHz / 2 MHz (basic accuracy: 0.1%)
  • Diode test
  • Continuity test

Besides the above parameters Aktakom AMM-1015 is capable of measuring temperature of up to 1000°C (basic accuracy: 1.0%) with additional k-type thermocouples. And Aktakom AMM-1037 besides the above capabilities can take:

  • conductivity measurement of up to 100 nS (basic accuracy: 0.1%)
  • transistor gain ratio measurement. 
Below you may see the other features of the new model:

  • Auto and manual selection of the ranges
  • Over range indication
  • Data hold function
  • High sampling rate: approx. 3 times/sec
  • Low battery indication
  • Auto power off (in 15 minutes)

Both models, AMM-1015 and AMM-1037, have a large 4 ½ digit display (19999) with a backlight as well as the shockproof housing.

More details are available on the pages of Aktakom AMM-1015 and AMM-1037.

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