New models in Aktakom soldering station family! Available from stock already!


Aktakom radio assembly equipment has been replenished with new models of soldering stations.

New series consist of 6 new models: ASE-1111, ASE-1112, ASE-1115, ASE-1116, ASE-1119 and ASE-1128.

Model ASE-1111 ASE-1112 ASE-1115 ASE-1116 ASE-1119 ASE-1128
Temperature setting LCD Analog scale LCD LCD Analog scale Analog scale
Heating temperature 150C-450C  150C-450C  160C-480C  160C-480C 150C-450C  100C-450C 
Power 48 W 48 W 60 W 60 W 48 W 8 W
Ceramic heating element Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No

New models have a wide range of the soldering tip temperature, compact dimensions and ergonomic design.

The new line of soldering stations includes models with analog scale for temperature setting like ASE-1112, ASE-1119 and ASE-1128







and LCD (ASE-1111, ASE-1115, ASE-1116) which provides the full information about the temperature and the operation modes.







Moreover the majority of soldering irons for soldering stations (except ASE-1128) are equipped with a ceramic heating element which allows user to regulate and calibrate the temperature due to the embedded temperature compensation, to use interchangeable tips of different shapes, to warm up the tips up to the required temperature. Usually such soldering station models have low power mode which decreases the soldering iron temperature to 200C in case of non-use. The availability of this mode saves the electric power, increases the reliability and widens the lifetime of the soldering tip.

Compact dimensions of these new soldering stations allow using them in terms of the limited working space.

The accessories of these stations include a convenient holder for soldering iron and a sponge for the tip and holder cleaning.

These models are low-costed that makes them affordable to a wide audience starting from amateurs to professionals.

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