New Aktakom Budget Soldering Package (AA-19). Ideal for hobby!

New Aktakom Budget Soldering Package (AA-19). Ideal for hobby!


The range of our Multi-Instrument Packages has been broadened with a new item! Aktakom Budget Soldering Package (AA-19) is formed especially for inventors, students of technical universities and for hobby.

The package consists of:

  1. Aktakom ASE-1105 soldering station. This soldering station is ESD-safe which is an important requirement that should be met since the absence of antistatic protection may cause the damage of valuable electronic components with electro static discharge.
  2. Aktakom ASE-7011 soldering fan for absorption of an allocated smoke at a ration.
  3. Aktakom ATH-6903 straight antistatic mounting pincer with pointed thin tip made of high-quality stainless steel.

Reliable and easy-to-use soldering station, soldering fan with a low noise driver and carbon filter and certainly the antistatic pincer for operation with static sensitive components – this is the main and irreplaceable kit to work with electronic components and repair small appliances.

Aktakom Budget Soldering Package (AA-19) costs $74 only!

Hope you will find this offer very convenient and useful!

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