AKTAKOM ACE-1748 8-channel USB / LAN input-output module

AKTAKOM ACE-1748 8-channel USB / LAN input-output module


AKTAKOM ACE-1748 8-channel USB / LAN input-output module is designed to remotely monitor the status of sensors (the sensors that have “on” or “off” output statuses) and to control discrete input devices that can be terminated with the monostable relay.

All inputs and outputs are galvanically isolated from the main circuit of ACE-1748 USB / LAN input-output module. The module has 8 outputs and 8 inputs. All inputs and outputs have “on” status indication.

ACE-1748 module can be easily controlled with your Android-based mobile device (e.g. smartphone or tablet) and also it has additional capabilities and functions for Windows OS use.

AKTAKOM ACE-1748 module has the following technical parameters:

  • Input resistance: 1.2 kOhm
  • Operating input current: 3 mA / max 50 mA
  • Max. input voltage (reverse): 6 V, operating direct: 48 V
  • Min. input operate voltage: 3.6 V
  • Input operational delay time of the module: 10 ms
  • Module outputs are made as metal-oxide-semiconductor relay with triggering/releasing time less than 3 ms
  • Output operation time of the module: 10 ms
  • Output resistance (“off” status): more than 10 MOhm
  • Output voltage (max): 60 V
  • Operating output current: 130 mA
  • Transmission resistance (closed status) of metal-oxide-semiconductor relay: not more than 25 Ohm

For this module operation you may use the advanced software as follows:

AKTAKOM Web Server (AULWebServer)
AULWebServer is a web interface based application (TCP/IP protocols). It allows remote control of an AKTAKOM instrument over the local area network (LAN).

AKTAKOM File Converter (AULFConverter)
AKTAKOM File Converter (AULFConverter) is an utility to convert AKTAKOM data file format used in AKTAKOM applications including APM to other formats such as CSV and WAV.

AKTAKOM USB Device Driver for Windows (AUNLibUSB)
AUNLibUSB device driver for Windows supports AKTAKOM USB Lab instruments (PC-based oscilloscopes and other). AUNLibUSB driver is a low-level program which does not communicate with user directly neither has user interface. After its installation in the operating system the driver starts working as a part of this operating system and supplies applications with the access to the resource of AKTAKOM supported devices and appropriate programs.

ACE-174X_SDK Software Development Kit
Full Software Development Kit (SDK) contains an instrumental driver for ACE-1748 Discrete Input-Output Module. The driver contains all the necessary functions to control the instruments and represents dynamic link library (DLL) for Windows followed by header file for the C programming language, functional branch of Lab Windows and a complete library of tools for LabVIEW.

ACE-174X_SDK_Base Software Development Kit
ACE-174x Base Software Development Kit (SDK) is designed for creating user applications for ACE-1748 Discrete Input-Output Module. It’s capable of operating in Windows and LabView environments with USB and LAN interfaces.

Find more details on the page of AKTAKOM ACE-1748 8-channel USB / LAN input-output module.

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