Right way to use AKTAKOM ATK-2001 clamp meter

Right way to use AKTAKOM ATK-2001 clamp meter


ATK-2001 model is included into our wide range of AKTAKOM clamp meters. This model is a highly sensitive handheld clamp meter with AC/DC resolution of up to 0.1 mA/1 mA. ATK-2001 has an embedded universal multimeter equipped with a special input to connect measuring adapters with millivolt output.

AKTAKOM ATK-2001 has the following specifications:

  • High resolution when measuring 1 mA DC, 0.1 mA AC
  • Single button pressing to set “0” when measuring the direct current
  • Noncontact frequency measurement
  • True RMS measurement
  • Relative measurements
  • Grip diameter: 0.9 in / 23 mm
  • 3¾ digit LCD (4000 digits)
  • Graphical analog scale
  • Data hold function
  • Max. and min. values hold
  • Overload indication
  • Low battery charge indication

For your convenience the page of ATK-2001 contains Application tab where you will find the detailed description of the operation controls.

FAQ tab contains the answers for the frequently asked questions that you will find very helpful for the operation process.

In Specifications tab you will also see Accuracy tables. This new service helps specialists to make the right choice and find the right equipment which completely meets their requirements and needs. It allows you to estimate the measurement accuracy considering uncertainty (error) in the absolute value. It’s important if you take measurements at the range edge when the error value contributes to the value displayed on the device screen.

To get the value range it’d be enough to enter the estimate of the value under measurement into Value area in the accuracy table and to see the range of possible values taking all of the standardized errors into consideration. Note: a point is used as a separator of the integer and fractional part.

For more details follow the current link to AKTAKOM ATK-2001 clamp meter page.

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