New Aktakom-Rigol EDU package (RA-12)

New Aktakom-Rigol EDU package (RA-12)


We are glad to offer new budget Aktakom-Rigol EDU package (RA-12). The devices this package consists of are widely used in education, training, production line, research and development areas.

The new package includes:

  1. Rigol DS1052E Digital Oscilloscope
  2. Aktakom APS-1015 Low Power Switching DC Power Supply

Rigol DS1052E dual-channel digital oscilloscope is a low-cost entry-level oscilloscope. Rigol DS1052E digital oscilloscope has basic function set such as cursor measurements, automatic measurements, mathematical functions, FFT-based spectrum analyzer function, "pass/fail" test etc. that makes Rigol DS1052E digital oscilloscope an optimal instrument for students, educational institutions and limited budget organizations.

AKTAKOM APS-1015 model is a low power switching DC power supply with 2 fixed output voltages and over current protection.

Retail price of Rigol DS1052E is $329, Aktakom APS-1015 - $49.

Aktakom-Rigol EDU package (RA-12) can be purchased for $358 only!
Buying Aktakom-Rigol EDU package (RA-12) you save $20!

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