New antistatic wrist straps from AKTAKOM

New antistatic wrist straps from AKTAKOM


As we know antistatic equipment is made for the control over electrostatics. AKTAKOM presents new antistatic wrist straps with high quality characteristics, low cost and which comfortably fit your wrist. They are AHT-5161, AHT-5163 and AHT-5165.

Grounding strap protects you from electrostatic charging and hereby prevents the damaging of electronic board or equipment.

These models differ with the material they are made of. Thus AHT-5161 and AHT-5163 are made of elastic nylon and AHT-5165 – of silicon. The straps material contains conducting insertion.

AKTAKOM AHT-5161, AHT-5163 and AHT-5165 antistatic wrist straps are designed to fit a wrist of any size. Before starting your work please remember to make sure your ESD-strap is connected to the ground wire.

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