Control Your New Power Supply Through IPAD

Control Your New Power Supply Through IPAD


Control Your New Power Supply Through Any Mobile Device

AKTAKOM’S latest innovative power supply allows remote control through any mobile device

Miami Fl., June 11, 2012 – T&M Atlantic., distributer of the test and measurement equipment, today unveiled Aktakom APS -7303L and APS-7305L Power Supplies. These models are the most economical, programmable, regulated, remote controlled power supplies on the market. Precision and stability of APS-73xxL series exceeds the norms of similar equipment. The major advantage of 73xxL series power supplies is the ability to be remote controlled via LAN or USB. Innovative software called AKTAKOM POWER MANAGER allows user to set and pre-set inputs, graph, as well as, time control the power supplies output. AKTAKOM POWER MANAGER works on any PC, IPHONE, IPAD or Android mobile device.

Power Supplies AKTAKOM APS-7303L/7305L will be introduced for the first time at the CES show in NY (June 27-28 2012) and during NIWeek in Austin TX (August 6-9 2012).

Power Supplies AKTAKOM APS -7303L and APS-7305L has been nominated for the best product of the year by the Dealerscope and TechnologyTell magazines.

Introductory prices start from: $199.00


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