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APS-7303L DC Power Supply Remote controlled from your iPad or Android 90W 30V / 3A 1 channel programmable

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"Absolute error of my measurement" service allows evaluating measurement precision considering measurement uncertainty (or error) in absolute value. It is important in case you are making measurements at the range edge, when the value of error contributes into the value displayed by the device.

To get the range of values it’s enough to enter the evaluation of the value under measurement into Value box and to see the range of possible values including all of the standard errors.

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AKTAKOM APS-7303L DC Power Supply Remote controlled from your iPad or Android 90W 30V / 3A 1 channel programmable
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Warranty: 1 year
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USB (Universal Serial Bus) LAN (Local Area Network)

Best in Test 2013 Award WinnerTest Product of the Year  Made in U.S.A.  Try it in WebAlexLab

AKTAKOM APS-7303L DC power supply provides a great protection capability and can protect a user’s device from getting burnt/damaged.

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AKTAKOM APS-73xxL series are programmable DC power supplies with 3 LED displays. There is a single channel, output regulated voltage of 0…30 V, output current of 0…3 A (APS-7303L) or 0…5 A (APS-7305L), overheat protection, current and voltage stabilization mode.

AKTAKOM APS-73xxL series DC power supplies differ from other similar devices by wide capabilities of local and remote control through AKTAKOM Power Manager software.

APS-73xxL power supplies are capable of operating in several modes:

Manual control mode. Including the use of 4 memory cells to store preset voltage and current.

Control mode with the built-in memory use.

Remote control mode to operate AKTAKOM APS-7303L power supply by computer via USB interface through AKTAKOM Power Manager Software. Moreover the USB interface has full galvanic isolation between the power supply and the computer.

Remote control mode to operate AKTAKOM APS-7303L power supply by computer via LAN interface.

Remote control mode to operate AKTAKOM APS-7303L power supply by computer via WEB interface. This remote control mode allows you to operate a device remotely not only by computer but through iPad, iPhone or any other Android-based mobile device.

Remote control mode to operate AKTAKOM APS-7303L power supply throught the remote access to the computer USB-connected to APS-7303L. AKTAKOM Power Manager Software provides the operation in «server-client» mode even for devices without built-in LAN interface. Meanwhile the device is physically connected to computer-server via USB interface and the data is available for reading from any computer of the network.

AKTAKOM Power Manager Software (APM) provides a wide range of control capabilities of output voltage and stabilization current both in manual and functional modes. Functional control is a very powerful tool of APM program which allows you not only to control your device automatically by computer but also to program its off-line operation mode by prespecified algorithm. Functional control mode in APM allows automatically controlling the output parameters (voltage and current) of the power supply according to the principle specified with the help of graphics and tabular editors. In a convenient graphics editor user may specify 10 standard forms of parameters (including sine, square, triangle, saw, flash, pulse, 2 types of exponents, 2 types of S-curves), as well as, almost any arbitrary form which can be described formulary. The program operation in equipment operation compatibility mode is also available.

The software system for AKTAKOM APS-7303L DC power supply includes a software development kit (SDK) which contains an instrument driver for AKTAKOM APS-73xxL series controllable power supplies. This driver contains all necessary functions to operate the device and represents Windows dynamic link library (DLL) accompanied with a header file for C language, LabWindows function tree and a tool library for NI LabVIEW which completely repeats this tree. Driver library functions can be also called from any other programming environment by the method common for DLL.


  • The most economical programmable regulated power supply
  • High stability. Low Drift (<300ppm)
  • Offers lots of complex testing capabilities through computer controlling
  • Storage function
  • Switching on or off the output
  • Low Ripple and Noise 
  • Over-voltage, over-current, over temperature protection
  • Powerful Strong Fan
  • Nominal Voltage 110V

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AKTAKOM - the Best in Test Award Winner!
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