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Located in Downtown Miami, Florida  T&M Atlantic specializes in supplying testing and measuring equipment for electronic and technical use. We are also suppliers of soldering equipment.

T&M Atlantic is a fast growing company with promising future.

We specialize in Instrument Design, software development, software integration, manufacturing, testing and worldwide distribution of measuring devices, remote control devices and soldering equipment. Our customers include: laboratories, R&D centers, colleges, universities, tech companies electronic repair shops and general public. We also have our own test and service center.

Design and manufacturing facilities are located around the world in such countries as South Korea, China, Taiwan, USA.

Our strength is Testing and Distribution of measuring equipment that is preformed from our facility headquartered in USA.

Online store distributes measuring devices and soldering equipment to the laboratories, R&D centers, colleges, universities, tech companies and to the general public.

The majority of our products are sold under AKTAKOM trade mark. We are also offering several other brands.

Our Mission is to promote innovative, high-quality, reliable and easy to use measuring equipment. Our main goal is a Complete Customer Satisfaction.

We strive to become one of the leading suppliers of electronic measuring devices through a combination of newest technologies, affordability to the customers, ease of use and competitive prices for all our products.

T&M Atlantic staff cares about quality of every instrument we sell. Our engineers inspect and test all the specifications and further more we calibrate all oscilloscopes to specifications in our own calibration laboratory.

      Laboratory technician works with Fluke 5522A Calibrator. Pass/ Fail stickers to mark the tested equipment.

Please note: We do not issue calibration certificate, this is a service to our customers that assures them that they receive quality instrument calibrated to its specifications. All instrument that passed engineering inspection are marked with label PASS.

Calibration Equipment Used: Fluke 5522A-PQ/1G 120 NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate.

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