Aktakom DMM Pro Software for Multimeters

Aktakom DMM Pro Software for Multimeters
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Compatible with: 
AM-1142 Digital Multimeter
AM-1152 Extra-safety Digital Multimeter
AM-1171 Digital Push-Button Control Multimeter
AMM-1130 Digital Multimeter

For Windows®
Supported OS: Windows 7 x32, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8 x32, Windows 8 x64, Windows 8.1 x32, Windows 8.1 x64

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Aktakom DMM Pro software is designed for the full-scale control of Aktakom AM-1142, AM-1152, AMM-1130, AM-1171 digital multimeters.

This software due to its wide range of capabilities to process the measurement data can turn an ordinary multimeter or several multimeters and a PC into efficient multichannel and multifunctional system.

Aktakom DMM Pro main features:

  • Displaying (several windows): value, graphic scale, graph (recorder), table. All of the windows can be maximized to the screen size, moved to different screen corners, squarely placed etc.;
  • Mathematical functions (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division), constant or variable;
  • Statistics:

- ability to set the max. volume of the buffer for calculation (in samples);
- set the number of the histogram columns;
- chose the average computing method;
- switch on the majority filter.

  • Max., min., average measuring values;
  • Results cutting: period change, overrunning the upper and lower limits of the values (limits) or within them;
  • Alarm signaling: sound, screen indication, external program launch;
  • Type of reaction to the alarm signaling:

- sound signaling: operation mode (after every measurement, overrunning the lower limit, overrunning the upper limit, overrunning both limits, in the limit signaling);
- sound selection out of sound palette for every event type.

  • Screen indication – background, image selection for every event type;
  • Ability to extend the value on the screen (in a separate window). Variants:

- Measured value with measuring units, measured value with measuring units and max. value on the right, average, minimum, graphic scale below, only graphic scale, only graph;
- Current time displaying, time from the measurement start, averaging time, max., min.;
- measurement quantity displaying for averaging, max., min.

  • Data retention in different formats by the following terms: time, data-retention time, concerning the limits – similarly to the alarm signaling;
  • Data retention (including comments on a concrete measurement and also parameters: date/time, serial number and device type). For Android there should be a place mark entered;
  • Information messages sending via e-mail by the terms (alarm signaling, period), sending addresses can be different for different types of messages;
  • Events and text notes glossary;
  • Feedback: measurement start at the external command;
  • Joint operation of two devices in one programs with functions of mathematics (e.g. power receipt), joint alarm signaling;
  • Ability to switch off advertisement during the software loading.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I get my software on a CD?
  • What to do if I lost my software?

  • Can I get my software on a CD?

    The software can be delivered on physical media (CD-ROM). You can buy this service in our on-line store. The cost of writing your software on CD is $10 + tax (if you located in Florida) + shipping. It will be mailed to you after payment is received. The $10 charge is not for the software but the labor of writing on the CD and mailing it to you.

    Please note: this service is available only for purchased and registered instruments and software.

    Recording your Software on CD


    What to do if I lost my software?

    In the case of loss, there is a charge for the software reloading.

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