3723A Electronic Load 200V/30A/350W Is On Sale Save $100 now

3723A Electronic Load 200V/30A/350W Is On Sale Save $100 now Array 3723A Electronic Load is now on Sale Save $100
3723A electronic load provides an adaptable, and functional asset wherever power sources need to be tested.

This unit is designed to provide high reliability, great performance, and ease of operation with multiple functionality.

  • 4 basic functions: CC, CV, CR, and CP; and 8 basic test modes: CCL, CCH, CV, CRL, CRM, CRH, CPV, CPC
  • High-speed sequence, high-speed transient, short-circuit, battery discharge and other auxiliary functions
  • Minimum operating voltage is less than 0.6V at the load's full rated current
  • Optional zero-voltage test accessories are available
  • Programmable current slew rate
  • Perfect protection assures high reliability in the most complicated of test environments
  • Multiple groups of parameters and lists can be saved and recalled
  • Ruggedized structure, exquisite user-friendly design and convenient operation
  • Supports SCPI (Standard Commands for Programmable Instrumentation) and LabView, and provides necessary PC software

Was $499.00 now $399.00 Sale ends June 30 2024

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