On Sale $50 Off our TALKING (voice guided) Power Supply

On  Sale $50 Off our TALKING (voice guided) Power Supply

High precision, Programmable DC power supply AKTAKOM APS-7306 is designed to provide stabilized voltage and current with high precision and low ripple and noise.
Regulated DC power supply APS-7306 is perfect for repair services and in scientific and research laboratories.

FREE ORIGINAL SOFTWARE FROM AKTAKOM CONTROL VIA PC AKTAKOM Power Manager Express: an application designed to control AKTAKOM APS-7306 power supplies via a PC. This program makes it quick and easy to control your device with memory settings, preset features, and even voice guidance. Voice guidance works in all languages installed in the operating system installed on your PC.

Output voltage 30V
Output voltage accuracy ±(0.5% + 20 mV)
Output voltage display resolution 10 mV
Output current 5A
Output current accuracy ±(0.5% + 10 mA)
Output current display resolution 1 mA
Ripple and Noise less 2mV
Load stability ±(0.01% + 3 mV)
Interface USB
Power supply 110 V

Was $176.00 now $126.00 Offer Ends July, 1 2024.

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