World First 28-Gbit/s Interconnect Signal Integrity Analysis

World First 28-Gbit/s Interconnect Signal Integrity Analysis


Anritsu Corporation has announced the launch of the company’s MU181500B Jitter Modulation Source and MP1825A 4-Tap Emphasis products for upgrading the functions of Anritsu’s MP1800A Signal Quality Analyzer by supporting signal integrity analysis of high-speed interconnects up to 28 Gbit/s, - a world first.

The explosion in data traffic is driving increasing demands for ever faster digital communications systems. High-speed interconnects are a technology for increasing the processing speed of various types of transmission equipment; CEI-28G standardizes 28-Gbit/s interconnects for 32G fibre channel and is used by digital transmission equipment and high-performance sub-backplanes, etc.

As a result, there is an urgent need for measuring equipment to evaluate parts and boards supporting these interconnects. However, until today there has been no instrument on the market supporting both jitter tolerance tests and generation of emphasis signals for these evaluations.

Anritsu’s modular MP1800A Signal Quality Analyzer with both signal generation and error detection functions already supports BER measurements up to 28 Gbit/s, but adding two new product releases upgrades the MP1800A to support jitter tolerance testing and emphasis signal generation for quality inspection of parts and circuit boards supporting 28-Gbit/s interconnects.

The MU181500B Jitter Modulation Source is a hardware module, which when installed in the MP1800A, can add any amount of SJ/RJ/BUJ/SSC to a 28-Gbit/s signal.

The MP1825B 4 Tap Emphasis is a device for converting the signal output from the MP1800A to a 4 tap pre-emphasis signal. The MU181500B installed in the MP1800A generates jitter and the connected MP1825B generates emphasis.

Anritsu Corporation

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