Agilent Technologies Makes Field Testing Easier with New 20-GHz Microwave Handheld Spectrum Analyzers


Agilent Technologies Inc. introduced the N9344C and N9343C handheld spectrum analyzers (HSA), two field-ready instruments designed for technicians and engineers who install, maintain and troubleshoot RF/microwave systems, monitor the spectrum or manage interference in the field. The new analyzers make field testing easier by providing the performance of a benchtop instrument in a handheld device, along with a range of functionality for ensuring field-ready operation and automating routine tasks.

Agilent's N9344C and N9343C HSAs provide fast and accurate measurement from 1 MHz to 20 GHz and 13.6 GHz, respectively. Both instruments are tunable to 9 kHz. They are well suited for customers in a variety of markets, including aerospace/defense, microwave and satellite communication, wireless communication and broadcasting, spectrum regulation, and general-purpose spectrum analysis.

Agilent N9344C

Agilent NC9344C

Agilent N9343C

Agilent NC9343C

The N9344C and N9343C HSAs offer the features today's engineers and technicians require in a field-ready instrument, including a rugged and fanless design for operating in tough field environments and automatic LCD brightness and keypad backlight control for clear screen viewing day or night. A built-in GPS receiver and GPS antenna provide precise location information. In addition, dedicated applications ensure faster, easier spectrum monitoring and interference analysis. For added flexibility, the N9344C and N9343C HSAs can be remotely controlled via a USB/LAN connection.

The outstanding benchtop performance available with the N9344C and N9343C HSAs provides users with confidence that the job is done right. Their best-in-class RF performance (-155 dBm/Hz DANL, minimum sweep time < 2 ms) ensures first-time measurement accuracy, while a set of powerful one-button measurements (e.g., ACP, OBW and channel power) and AM/FM modulation analysis help characterize signal quality. Support for Agilent USB power sensors ensures high-accuracy power measurements. A built-in tracking generator and time-gated sweep further simplify the measurement process.

"Specifically designed to make field testing easier, the new HSAs feature the rich and powerful measurement capabilities and field-ready instrument functionality today's engineers and technicians require for faster, more precise RF field test," said Brian LeMay, general manager of Agilent's Chengdu Instruments Division.

These HSAs also feature a unique Task Planner capability that reduces test setup time by 95 percent and allows users to boost their work efficiency by delivering test automation and consistency. Task Planner automates routine measurement tasks with continuous execution of up to 20 different tests. It also automatically captures test results and generates reports. Moreover, task plans can be easily shared with others via email or USB flash drive.

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